Elodie le Nézet

"I really enjoy the connection and interaction with students. The relationship that you create with them is so special."

French teacher

“This is my third year as a French teacher at Haarlemmermeer Lyceum. Before this, I was in the US for a few years, where I gained most of my teaching experience after leaving France. Moving to the Netherlands was a big change: I found myself in a new country once again, with a new language, a new educational culture, and a new audience. It was a beautiful challenge for me to reinvent myself. That was exactly what Haarlemmermeer Lyceum offered me – a way to do something completely different, while continuously learning and developing myself.” 

Skills and expertise
“When I started here, I had not taught middle school or high school students before. My experience was mostly with pre-school and primary school in the US. But as a former headmaster, I was able to bring other skills and expertise. So I’m really glad that Dunamare trusted me and my experience to fit in and bring what I could to the table.” 

Fun and interactive
“I try to make my lessons fun and interactive. For example, to teach the French numbers to first years, I use the ‘Chanson des chiffres’ song. The first time they hear this song, they are like: ‘That’s for babies!’ But after a while they all sing along and think it’s fun. Songs are helpful. Incorporating music into the classroom is a great way to teach a language.”

Seeing students learn
“Being a teacher means you can help to enrich children's lives. Quite amazing, isn’t it? I really enjoy seeing them grow and develop. I had a little chat with my first-year students and asked them: ‘Do you realize how many new words you’ve learned in only three weeks’ time? And how you’re able to make little sentences in French? ’ Just the look of a child at the moment they realize how much they have achieved and learned in such a short period. That’s why I teach.”

New adventure
“No two days, classes or students are the same. Every day, a new adventure awaits me. I really enjoy the connection and interaction with students – the relationship you create with them is so special. Even some students that I no longer teach, when I meet them in the corridor, they are like: ‘Bonjour madam! Ça va?’. They even remember some of the gestures that we did. Those small things make all the difference.” 

Elodie about Haarlemmermeer Lyceum

“Haarlemmermeer Lyceum has a great atmosphere. I love my colleagues, which is really important. During team meetings you get to work with people from different departments. I like that we can really count on each other and that people are always trying to help. As a French person that doesn’t speak Dutch, I also very much appreciate my colleagues trying to speak English with me or trying to help me with my broken Dutch. The way people interact here is great. We are one team. The concierge, the teachers, management: everybody mixes. It’s a happy place to work!”


Elodie about Dunamare onderwijs:

“Dunamare always has your back. They will take care of you if you need support. It really feels like one big family. Whenever I have a question, it will be answered straight away.”